Statement by a Group of Iranian Academics, Political Activists, and Journalists in Condemnation of Terrorism and State Violence


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In the Name of God



Abducting and Killing Human Beings Under Any Guise Is Condemned


In recent months the world has witnessed a series of criminal acts justified under the guise of Islam. To our regrets, suspicious groups, calling themselves "Islamic," have abducted civilians of different nationalities and eventually beheaded many of them with extreme ruthlessness. In an obvious demonstration of their vulgarity and cruelty, they even made publicly available the film of their acts of savagery.


Presently, some of the most powerful institutions in the world are equipped and organized against Muslims and Islam, and use all their influence and power to spread an imaginary threat of Islam. Against this backdrop of Islam phobia, acts of abducting, taking women and children as hostages, and killing innocent civilians serve merely the purpose of those centers of power and propaganda that have targeted Islam and Muslims.


The brutal treatment of Muslim peoples and natives by forces of occupation in Palestine, Iraq, Chechnya, and Afghanistan is against all accepted international laws and treaties, hence indefensible. Yet, from the viewpoint of Muslims, abduction and murder in the name of Islam, the religion of mercy and compassion, is even more hideous, harmful, and inadmissible.


We the undersigned express our revulsion at such acts and, once more, stress that deeds of this kind neither have relations with Islamic teachings and Koranic values, nor serve the interests of the Muslim world.


While we denounce and condemn the continued presence of the occupying states and their military forces in Iraq and their crimes,we urge these states to turn over the management of and responsibility for resolving the Iraqi crisis to the United Nations, and prepare the ground for the speedy transition of power to the elected representatives of the Iraqi people. We also require the groups who commit those appalling crimes in the name of Islam to cease them immediately and unconditionally.


We request the international community to provide conditions as a result of which the occupying regime of Israel would submit to the United Nations resolutions, and urge the world to espouse the environment necessary for establishing peace and stopping the killing of innocent people.


We insist on the government of Russia to negotiate with representatives of the people of Chechnya in order to resolve the current crisis there and to not employ means of suppression.


We the undersigned also invite all religious leaders and conscious Muslims throughout the globe to express their categorical and unambiguous opposition to such acts of violence and cruelty and condemn them in the strongest terms as undertakings that are unacceptable and against human values.

Oct. 1st, 2004


Names of 275 signatories of the Iranian academics as well as political and press activists:


Abaszadegan Sayedjafar,Abuzari Abbas,Adab Bahaodin, Aghajeri Zohreh, Aghayee Masoud, Ahmadi Mohammadali, Ahmadi Nemat, Ahrari Hamid, Akbari Mohammad ali,Akbarin Mohammad javad, Akbarzadegan Alireza, Akrami Ali, Alavitabar Alireza,Alizadeh naeini Ali,, Alizadeh naein Tahere, Amini Asadollah, Amoli moghadam Naser,Ansarirad Hossein, Arab sorkhi Fayzollah, Arab zadeh Hassan, Arbabi Hassan,Arghandehpour Karim, Asefi Hamid, Asgari Davood, Ayazi Mohammad ali, Azadi Mohammad,Badiei Mojtaba, Badi zadegan Seyad akbar,Baghi Emadedin, Bakhtiarnejad Parvin, Baniasadi Mohammadhossein, Bastani Hossein, Bastenegar Mohammad, Bazargan Abolfazl, Bazargan Abdolai, Bazargan Fereshte, Bazargan Mohammad navid, Bazargani Kamalodin,Beheshti Hamid,Behforuzi Mohammad, Behzadi Mohammad, Bitaraf Safa,Borhani Rahmatollah, Dadfar Mohammad, Dadkhah Sayed mohammadali, Dadmehr Rasoul, Daftari Parvindokht, Dase Hasel, Davani Mosaieb, Davoodi mohajer Fariba,Delasaei Mahmoud, Derayati Mostafa, Dordkeshan Mostafa, Doroudi Saied, Doroudian Mohammad hossein, Ebadi Shirin, Emadi Mohammad jafar,
Eshfagh Morteza, Eslami Yadollah, Esmaeili Hamid, Farahani Majid, Farasatkhah Maghsoud, Faridalam Hasan, Farzadi Ghaffar, Ghabel Ahmad, Ghabel Hadi, Ghaffari Masoud, Ghaffarzadeh Saeid, Ghahhari Nezamefin, Ghahramani Mostafa, Ghani Mehdi, Ghandizadeh Abdolmajid, Gharavi Aliasghar, Gharavi Ali reza, Gharavi Majed, Gharavi Masih, Ghashghayee Khosro, Ghashghayee Mahroo, Gholizadeh Rahmangholi, Ghouchani Mohammad, Ghofrani Ali, Ghyasi Hojatollah, Golafra Bijan, Golani Jafar, Govaraei Fateme, Hadavi Ahmad, Hadizadeh Ali asghar, Hadizadeh yazdi Hadi,
Hadian Naser, Hafezi Bahman,Haghighatjou Fateme, Haj Ketabi Ali, Hajarian Saeid, Haji Reza, Hakimi Abolfazl, Hakimi Abdolkarim, Hakimi Majid, Hariri Hossein, Hashemi Naser, Hedayati Sayed hashem,Hejazi Taha, Hekmat Ali, Hendi Ali reza, Houshmand Ehsan, Iyzadi Mostafa, Jalaeipor Hamid reza,Jaberi Majis, Jalalzadeh Jalal, Jamshidi Farideh, Javadi hesar Mohammad sadegh, Kadivar Mohsen, Kamali ahmad sarayee Fateme, Kambouzia Jafar,Karami Ali, Kargosha Rahman, Karshenas Majid, Kazemian Morteza,Khaef Jafar, Khalili ardakani Mohammad hossein, Khoram Amir,
Khosh mohamadi Esmail, Khosravi Homayoun, Kianoush rad Mohammad, Khalilnia Mohammad, Kheirandish Houshang, Khozuei Heshmatollah,Komeilian Naser, Komijani Faraj, Kord pour Khosro, Kord pour Masoud, Kosari Yaghoub, Koulaei Elahe, Ladoni Masoud, Loghmanian Hossein, Madani Saeid, Madihi Masha allah, Mansourian Khosro, Masmouei Reza, Mazrouei Rajabali, Mellati Fahime, Meskin Mostafa, Mirkhani Amir, Mirshmse shahshahani Abolfazl, Mirzadeh Vahid,Mirzaei Allahkaram, Mofidi Badrosadat, Moghadam Morteza, Mohagheghi Mohsen, Mohammadi Narges, Mohammadi Ardehali Mohammad, Molavi Mohammad, Moienfar Ali akbar, Mojahed Hossein, Molaei Yousef, Momeni Mahmoud, Montazeri Ahmad, Mortazi langroudi Marzieh, Moslehi Abas, Mostafavi Leyla, Mostafavi Mostafa, Motaghi Mohammadtaghi, Mousavi saadatlou Seid Reza, Mozafar Mohamadjavad, Nabavi Sayed ahmad,Naeimpor Mahmoud, Naraghi Hassan, Nekou rouh Mahmoud, Nekoufar Mohammad taghi, Nouhi Sayed hamid, Nourbakhsh Fakhr al sadat, Nourbakhsh Manouchehr, Nouri Kasra, Omrani Mahmoud, Paya Hossein, Paya Ali, Peyman Habibollah, Payman Majid, Pedram Masoud, Piran Parviz, Piran Naser, Pishbin Mahmoud, Pour azizi Saeid, Pourazhari Abbas, Pouyan Reza, Rabbani Mohammad sadegh, Rafiei Hossein, Raies tousi Reza,Rahnama Mehdi, Rajaeian Mohammad javad, Rajaeie Alireza, Rasouli Mohammad sadegh, Razavi faghieh Saeid, Reza khani Bahman, Rezaei Ahad, Sabaghian Hashem, Saber Firouzeh, Sadaei Mohammad ali, Sadr Reza, Sadrehajsaiedjavadi Ahmad, Saeidi Saeideh, Saeie Ahmad, Sahabi Ezatollah, Sahabi Fraydoun,Sahabi Haleh, Sahabi Mansour, Saharkhiz Eisa, Sayed abadi Ali asghar, Saifzadeh Sayed mohammad, Sajadi Daryoush, Salavati Fazlolallah, Saleh jalali Reza, Samimi Keyvan, Semati Ahmad, Samti Hadi, Sarchami Mohammad, Sarikhani Ali Reza, Sedighi Nader, Sepehr Masoud, Seyed zadeh Seyedreza, Shaddelbasir Mahmoud, Shahhosaini Hossein, Shakeri Ebrahim, Shamekhi Taghi, Shamlo Ali, Shambori Allahverdi, Shamsolvaezein Mashallah, Sinaei Vahid, Soltani Abodolfatah, Soleymani Behyar, Soroush Abdolkarim, Soltan zadeh Ali, Taheri Akbar, Taheri Mohammad, Taheri Raouf, Tayarani Amir, Tajernia Ali, Tajik Abdoreza, mo Tajzade Sayed Mostafa, Takaffoli Gholamhossein, Taleghani Azam, Taleghani Tahere, Taleghani Hesam, Taleghani Narges, Tanha Mostafa, Tavakoli Khaled, Tavalaei Majid, Tavassoli Gholamabbas, Tavassoli Mohammad,Tavassoli Mohammadreza, Tehrani Reza, Vaezabaei Mehdi,Vali Akbar, Valibaik Bagher, Valibaik Jalil, Varpaei Rasoul, Yahyaei Ali farid, Yavari Rahim, Yazdi Ebrahim, Yeganli Naser, Yousefian Reza, Zahed Fayaz, Zeidabadi Ahmad, Zaman Hossein, Zamani Mohammadebrahim, Zandinia Parviz, Zarghami Aliashraf, Zarghami Freydoun, Zerehsaz Jamal, Zohdi Mohammad Reza